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April 12, 2021
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A majority block of Nigerian Methodist leaders support separation, take stand against homosexuality – Juicy Ecumenism

“Whereas, we await the deliberation and resolution of the 2021 General Conference, we the under signed, leaders want to re-iterate our position as the traditionalists rooted in the Scripture and strongly believing that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.”

The Nigerian leaders’ statement makes clear that they felt prompted to make their own declaration in response to the attention paid to the “Africa Voice of Unity” group that has recently been promoted by some liberal Americans. This “unity” group’s main agendas appear to be categorically “reject[ing] any dissolution of, or separation within, our denomination in Africa,” supporting the “Christmas Covenant” proposal which would let each global region unilaterally decide its own ordination standards (i.e., allow American and likely some European United Methodists to ordain partnered gay clergy, and perhaps be more doctrinally loose on other matters as well), and harsh personal demonizing of theologically traditionalist United Methodist leaders, especially those associated with the Africa Initiative.

Read the full article titled, Nigerian Leaders Support UMC Separation, Reject “Africa Voice of Unity”Juicy Ecumenism; and the full statement from the Nigerian leaders.

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