Port Harcourt, NG 27 C
July 31, 2021
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Christian Africa is a publishing platform dedicated to the curated digest and review of published media contents that indicate the continually emerging reality of an Afro-Christian Orthodoxy which is driving the growth of the christian faith among African peoples and within Africa.

Christian Africa starts off as a curated digest of published content including news, opinions, researches, and sundry informational and intelligence reports on African Christianity indicating actual elements and necessity for its African identity. It is intended to mature into a magazine platform for publications of original content promoting and lobbying for a wider embrace of an Afro-Christian Orthodoxy by January 2022.

The editorial mission and strategy is to highlight, in past historical developments as well as in presently unfolding developments, characteristic indicators of this emerging christian tradition in which the indigenous spiritualities and the christian spirituality are dynamically continuous. The goal is to persuade African christians, institutional and theological leaders of christian churches in Africa, and all agents of African indigenous spiritualities who consciously and unconsciously manifest openness to various degrees of christianizing tendencies, towards constructively cultivating the positive potentials of this emerging religious reality and direct it towards the realization of God’s will and purpose for African peoples and for the wider humanity.

Christian Africa’s goal is to present and re-position African Christianity as a purveyor of a biblical-christian faith that runs back to the earliest history of christianity as well as a perennial spirituality with roots in pre-christian African religious cultures. Christian Africa thus persuades towards an Afro-Christian Orthodoxy that gathers and harnesses the creative-active reception of the christian faith by African peoples, and how this is shaping a unique religious and spirituality culture that is truly African and truly christian.