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July 31, 2021
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Indigenous agency and the shaping of Christianity as an African religion – The Gospel Coalition

From African movements and personalities that constructively and deconstructively shaped Latin Christianity in Africa and the wider Roman world to the decisive role of African agents in the modern christian missions, this re-telling of the story of Christianity in Africa, re-positions Christianity as an African religion as well as an important element in the overall development of the religious history of Africa. The feature that marks out the African agency was consistently a personal experiential spirituality continuous with the indigenous spiritualities of Africa. This feature clearly runs as a parallel stream with the rather institutional orthodoxy that earlier served imperial interests of Rome and later continues to serve colonialist interests of the West in Africa. Can the idea of Christianity as an African religion help the re-imagination of African Christianity as an empowering force for the positive transformation of the African reality?

The key highlights of this article are as compelling as they are informative:

  • Christianity in Africa dates to the first generation of the church. Any attempt to label Christianity as a “white man’s religion” or European religion should be rejected.
  • Africans played a crucial role in establishing the doctrines and theology of the early church. We should stand on their shoulders in the way we seriously study the Bible.
  • Praise God for his work across Africa. His Spirit has moved in many different ways: through African leaders, through foreign missionaries, and various political movements. We should rejoice in our diversity and unite around the core doctrines of our shared faith.
  • The powerful African church is coming to maturity in the twenty-first century. We should claim our Christian identity and mission with both boldness and humility. Boldness in proclaiming our vibrant faith to the world. Humility in learning from others and working together. Building churches based on both biblical teaching, excellence and integrity in organisation and leadership.

Read the full article titled, The History of Christianity in Africa, By Africa Study Bible published on The Gospel Coalition – Africa.

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