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January 22, 2022
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East African Catholics acknowledge the virtuous patriotism of the Magufuli presidency | RECOWACERAO

This is a net stand echoing popular endorsements of former President Magufuli across Africa, in spite of campaigns from mainly international and local opposition media that focus the spotlight on his methods as dangerous for democracy and free-press. This raises the question of how African Christianity ought to address the apparently conflictual impasse between legitimate concern for the welfare of the people and ideological ideals of fair democratic process in a complex context as Africa’s nation-states where corruption and exploitation represent endemic disruption of the fair goals of the same democratic ideals.

Information reaching the office of RECOWACERAO NEWS AGENCY, RECONA, has indicated that the Church in Eastern Africa is eulogizing the late President John Pombe Magufuli whose death was announced Wednesday, March 17, as a man of strong faith in God who manifested servant leadership, dedicating his presidency to the service of Tanzanians.

A practicing Catholic, President Magufuli who died at the age of 61 was at the helm of the East African nation since 2015. In their Friday, March 19 video message, members of the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) acknowledge “the virtues” President Magufuli had and say they received news of his death “with great shock and sadness.”

“We are saddened because we are aware of the virtues he possessed as President and how he fulfilled his role. He was greatly accountable to God and the people. He always told Tanzanians that we can do a lot but without God everything is useless,” Catholic Bishops in Tanzania say in their collective statement read by TEC’s President, Archbishop Gervais Nyaisonga of Mbeya Archdiocese.

In their statement addressed to the successor of President Magufuli, Samia Suluhu Hassan who was serving as Vice President, TEC members say that the late Head of State fostered collaboration in his leadership that saw the East African nation in a short time “recognized as a fast-growing nation, economically and in other spheres of life.”


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