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January 22, 2022
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How the Church forced Tanzania to Change its Stance on COVID-19 | The Elephant

Any positive significance to the Magafuli presidency in Tanzania, already jeopardized by the tag of ambivalence, stands to be consumed by his lopsided handling of the Covid-19 global pandemic. Leaders of the Christian church’s representative bodies across Africa already expressed stands that defend Magufuli’s battles to reset the government systems towards serving the interests of the wider citizenry even if it means displeasing the established interests of an elite political and business cabal that for long hijacked the country’s resources to their advantage. Having successfully persuaded Magufuli to change stance on Covid-19, is a credit to the christian churches indicating social dimensions of their mission. Magufuli is not alive to elaborate and manage this changed stance, but all forces open to sustaining the intents of his presidency must work for a successful controlling of the pandemic but also for a sustained campaign to reclaim those positive aspects of his legacy.

By the time President John Magufuli went to the St. Peter’s Church on that sunny Sunday on 21 February 2021 he already knew that he had lost the debate on the coronavirus situation in Tanzania. The reality, as many anticipated, had proved him utterly wrong. The decision to attend the mass took place against the background of widespread calls from various religious leaders who, after witnessing the unprecedented number of deaths in their respective parishes, decided to defy the government’s rhetoric that Tanzania was coronavirus-free.

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