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September 26, 2021
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Is Christianity, with its diverse and often conflicting versions, healthy for Africa? – Modern Ghana

Majority of African nations are ridden with a culture of permissiveness and impunity. The double standards in the manifestations of many christians, demonstrated in attitudes of christians who take up public offices and swear by the Bible, leave many to wonder whether the conventional brand of African Christianity will ever become effective in delivering on the goals of positive transformation?

The attitude of African politicians and institutional leaders makes me believe the Bible is not real. The way the African countries who tag themselves as Christian nations, allow for their political leaders to take oath with the Bible to show their commitment.

After they swear with the”holy book”, they react in their various portfolios the exact opposite of the teachings of the book and nothing happens.

This indeed makes me and other scholars nurse the opinion that the “holy book (the Bible)” is just a storybook and nothing else that aids criminals to execute their plans and wickedness without blame from the many ignorant who are cajoled to believing in these leaders. They swear with it and commit crimes. Why?

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Ernest Apuakasi is a columnist for Modern Ghana.

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